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There’s an App for That

There’s an App for That

Fitness and Workout Apps


Fitness and Workout Apps

Technology is a practical tool for staying fit and well. For one thing, it’s always with us, whether through smart watches or handheld devices. For another, tens of thousands of apps are available at our fingertips for helping us live well. You might have your own app tool belt, but do you ever wonder what kind of wellness apps your go-to fitness and healthy lifestyle experts use? Here, we spoke with some of our local favorites to get insight into their top apps for mind, body and spirit.



As a yogi, Buckhead-based Bring it Om Yoga Studio co-owner Leticia Lopez understands the importance of finding Zen, especially in the form of meditation. “Being forced to be inward has given me a lot of joy and [personal] gains for exploring myself. Meditation is part of my wellness, health and fitness routine because it makes me present and intentional in my workouts,” she says. To guide her meditation practice, Lopez turns to Balance as her number one tool. “I also use its sleep meditation every night. Sleeping well is the best muscle recovery ever,” she explains.


Peloton App

Tasha White is the founder and owner of Buckhead’s highly anticipated new cycling, strength and yoga studio Cycmode. As she wraps up the buildout of her own space, she turns to veteran fitness studios such as Peloton for her at-home workout needs. The app doesn’t require a Peloton bike; users can utilize their own equipment and access workouts ranging from yoga to running. “The Peloton app exposes me to other [workout] formats,” she says. The app also allows White to complement her regular Cycmode workouts with athome options that hook her up with other cycling enthusiasts. “I love being able to connect with others virtually who share the same passion for cycling and have similar fitness goals.”


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Fitness instructor Hadley Hickner teaches various barre classes at Buckhead’s Forme Studios and West Midtown’s The Daily. As a veteran teacher, Hickner says music is an integral part of her instruction, as well as her own wellness, which is why she names Spotify as her top app. “I use it to make my healthy habits more enjoyable,” she says. While Hickner relies on Spotify for her classes, she also turns to it throughout her day. “With an endless library of music and podcasts, I use Spotify to carefully craft playlists for my fitness classes, work day, meditation time, daily commute and even daily life activities like cooking, cleaning or hanging out with friends,” she says.


My Fitness Pal and Waterlogged

Buckhead Registered Dietician Julie Taube discovered the best way to keep her clients on track was through My Fitness Pal. This free app allows you to record everything from nutrient and caloric intake to daily exercise. According to Taube, the app is user-friendly because it is personalized and easy to navigate. “The database is large, which makes it simple to find a variety of foods and store frequent food choices,” she says. In addition to My Fitness Pal, Taube also suggests water-tracking apps such as Waterlogged. “Water is such an important component to our daily nutrition, and logging water throughout the day is motivating for my clients.” Like My Fitness Pal, users who implement the app can keep track of their healthy choices. It’s like having a motivational speaker in your pocket.


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