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Sara Mixon, personal stylist and events coordinator at Tootsies Atlanta in Buckhead

Working with a professional fashion stylist should be a very streamlined, personal shopping experience. “As the client, you should feel well taken care of and that your style needs are being met on a personal, individualized level,” says Sara Mixon, personal stylist and events coordinator at Tootsies Atlanta in Buckhead.

Here, Mixon offers helpful pointers on maximizing your time with a professional stylist from her 17 years of experience in the field.

Give Advance Notice

If you have a very important event coming up, such as a wedding, call your stylist as much as six months in advance to plot your outfits. For other more “typical” events, a month’s notice or at least a week works.

Provide a Budget

This is very helpful for your stylist, whether you are shopping for one piece or a whole wardrobe. “I’m told constantly, ‘This is what I want to spend,’ and I’ll make it happen,” Mixon says.

Divulge Everything

Tell your stylist as much as possible about what you like and don’t like. “If you don’t like to wear sleeveless, if you’re petite, if you’re self conscious about your middle or not a dress person—that’s all good info for a stylist to know so they can make their clients wishes come true,” Mixon explains.

Wear the Proper Undergarments

Don’t show up in your sports bra. “Instead, bring a couple of options for top and bottom in the foundation department,” Mixon notes. “And if you [typically] wear Spanx, bring it!”

Keep an Open Mind

Allow your sage stylist to advise you on what works and what doesn’t, even if it’s not what you had in mind. “People can get fixated on a certain look, neckline or color scheme. Or they might have seen something in a magazine and want to wear that exact style, even if it doesn’t work for their body shape,” she explains. “A true stylist should always be honest with you. When you work with a stylist, they’re going to give you feedback, make suggestions and bring you pieces that you may have never looked at.”

Get Your Basics, Too

One might think of heading to the stylist only for “wow” items, but the experts can help with everyday basics, too. Even when you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans, white T-shirt or black pants, Mixon explains, “There are so many different styles, and we can help with the daunting task of selecting those items.”

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