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Lindsey Johnson, co-founder of Weezie, is helping upgrade bath time.

For some, baths and showers can be utilitarian: get clean, dry off and move on. Buckhead resident Lindsey Johnson, of cult-favorite towel and robe brand Weezie, is on a mission to change that. She launched the direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand in 2018 with friend and co-founder Liz Eichholz with a collection of ultra-soft and durable towels, bath sheets and robes. The offerings were a result of two years of intense research, market analysis and development (including finding a family-owned textile mill in Portugal) to create both a superior product and a seamless online experience where shoppers can customize embroidery and piped edges in a variety of shades. Johnson, who started her career in the competitive world of finance and venture capital in New York City, is quick to admit that launching a lifestyle brand wasn’t a linear path. But with more than two years of success and the recent launch of Lil Weezie, a line of kid sized bath accessories, beach towels and robes, she hasn’t looked back.

Weezie offers 10 piping colors and monogram styles, allowing customers to create one-of-a-kind linens.
Weezie offers 10 piping colors and monogram styles, allowing customers to create one-of-a-kind linens.

Why towels?

Liz, who has been a friend for over a decade, wanted me to start a business with her. She and I are opposites in terms of skill sets: I came from finance, and she’s worked on creative teams. She had this pain point: She went to register for towels for her wedding and found the process overwhelming with a lot of brands, confusing jargon and not much help [from sales associates]. She texted friends to ask what brand they recommended, and no one had a great answer. That was the first conversation launched two years of research and work into what Weezie is now.

There are tons of towel brands. How is Weezie special?

We use super high-quality materials, but so do a lot of other brands. The way we treat our cotton and spin it into yarn [is our differentiator]. We infuse air into the yarn, which creates air pockets that expand every time you wash. Those air pockets absorb the water but also make the towel super fluffy. It’s got a great hand feel.

When did you know the business was going to work?

It sounds crazy, but it was the day we launched. We had an article in Fast Company and orders started flooding in. We knew we were onto something, and this wasn’t just a crazy idea.

How did you come up with the name Weezie?

It’s a family name for both Liz and me, with relatives named Louise and Eloise, but we wanted something more modern, fresh and unique because the monogrammed linen space can be very traditional. So we put a spin on it with a fun nickname, Weezie. It’s also a nod to the word “easy,” a hallmark of our purchase experience. We use it in our social media, saying things like “Take it Weezie” or “Weezie like Sunday morning.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of launching a start-up?

Two things: Do your homework and, once you commit, don’t turn back. Most people told us this was a terrible idea, and we let them because we didn’t know yet. But once we’d done our research, it was easy to say, “I don’t care if you think it’s a horrible idea, I’m doing it anyway.” It’s so freeing, once you’ve made that decision, not to turn back.

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