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Soul Healing Energy

For some, crystals go beyond decor!

Soul Healing Energy

Shanique Worthey, CEO of I’m S.H.E. (Soul Healing Energy), incorporates crystals into her reiki practice.
Shanique Worthey, CEO of I’m S.H.E. (Soul Healing Energy), incorporates crystals into her reiki practice.

Crystals make pretty home decor and jewelry, but some people believe their value can go beyond the aesthetic. While there isn’t strong scientific evidence to back up their healing “powers,” crystals have been used in the holistic and alternative medicine communities for many centuries. It is said they have energies that can help balance the body’s energy field. Shanique Worthey, CEO of I’m S.H.E. (Soul Healing Energy) in Ansley Park, is a reiki healer and oracle reader who offers both in-studio and mobile services, and often works with crystals in her practice to enhance her clients’ energy and remove blockages.

“Set an intention for what you want to improve and use the associated crystal to help manifest it,” Worthey says.

Curious if they’ll work for you? The best way to use crystals, Worthey advises, is to keep them on you, such as in your hand, pocket or piece of jewelry. Use them as a tool during meditation, place them on you during a nap or bring them to everything from interviews to difficult conversations with loved ones. You can also put them on a bedside table to improve sleep or in an office space to enhance creativity or focus.

But which one to choose? Worthey offers the following examples based on the seven chakras, or energy centers in the body.

Root Chakra

Related to: Grounding
Location: Base of spine
Associated colors: Red and black
Energizing crystals: “Obsidian and black tourmaline help remove negative energy and are great for when you need to balance out.”

Sacral Chakra

Related to: Creativity and the reproductive system
Location: Below belly button
Associated color: Orange
Energizing crystals: “Moonstone helps things like fertility and sexual energy. Carnelian is great for building self-confidence and motivation for creativity.”

Solar Plexus Chakra

Related to: Walking in your power
Location: Stomach
Associated color: Yellow/gold
Energizing crystals: “Pyrite can help manifest abundance and wealth and prosperity, while citrine boosts self-confidence, will power, overall happiness and wellbeing.”

Heart Chakra

Related to: Matters of the heart and mood
Location: Heart
Associated colors: Green and pink
Energizing crystals: “Unakite contains both green and pink colors. It helps regulate feelings and mood, as well as maintain peace and harmony in personal or work life. Rose quartz promotes love, self-love and deep inner healing. Moss agate helps to level out mood swings.”

Throat Chakra

Related to: Communication
Location: Throat
Associated color: Blue
Energizing crystals: “Labradorite and blue quartz are two crystals that help get your thoughts clear and banish fears and insecurities so the other person can receive your message. Blue agate also allows you to express your truth.”

Third Eye Chakra

Related to: Clarity, memory and psychic ability
Location: Between the eyebrows
Associated color: Purple/indigo
Energizing crystals: “Amethyst is associated with wisdom, spiritual awakening and healing from grief. Sodalite removes negative energy to have a clear connection with and guidance from the higher self. Kyanite helps with memory and dream recall.”

Crown Chakra

Related to: Connecting with divine wisdom
Location: Top of head
Associated color: White/iridescent
Energizing crystals: “Clear quartz is like the master healer. It actually aligns all of your chakras. When it opens up the crown chakra, it aids in alignment with spiritual self, understanding your purpose. White howlite is great for sleep, as it reduces anger and anxiety that makes you toss and turn.”

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