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“Art of Curating” private dining experience Atlanta

The St. Regis Atlanta now offers an elegant private dining experience

“Art of Curating” private dining experience Atlanta

There’s luxury, and then there’s luxury. If you seek the latter, it can be found at the St. Regis Atlanta through its “Art of Curating” private dining experience.

For $500 per person, up to 12 people can partake in a multi-course meal paired with wine in the hotel’s adjacent Maisonette building, a three-story addition used as a private events venue. “We have partnered with carefully selected chefs in the Buckhead area and, through this partnership, will create a very special dining experience using their unique styles,” says Jordan Barnett, executive chef of the St. Regis Atlanta. The kitchen, says Barnett, is tastefully designed and reminiscent of a high-end residential space. Guests can gather there and interact with renowned chefs such as Philippe Haddad of the former Cape Dutch and Fuyuhiko Ito, formerly of Umi.

The experience is completely custom from menu planning to the kitchen’s place settings and flower arrangements. Barnett says, “I connect personally with the guest [and selected chef partner] to help design their menu to their particular tastes and dietary needs.” No two menus are alike, so guests always experience something one-of-a-kind.

St. Regis Atlanta
88 West Paces
Ferry Road
Atlanta 30305

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