Authentic Origins

Interior designer Anna Booth’s individual approach to design

photo: Mali Azima

Interior design is in Anna Booth’s blood. “My mom was an interior designer when everything was drawn by hand, so I was raised around her drafting table and tools,” says Booth. “My parents valued creativity and exploration, so in our free time we were encouraged to draw, create, be outside, read—all of those sensory things that help you feel.” Here, we catch up with the founder of Buckhead-based Booth Interiors, who has collaborated with architecture, design and planning professionals on projects across the Southeast and serves as the creative force behind a boutique collection of artisan-crafted wall mirrors produced in collaboration with Atlanta showroom Holland MacRae.

What has shaped your philosophy about decorating?

The most formative experience to my approach comes from learning who our client is. We invest in learning about them in the beginning, and we ask personal questions to understand their behaviors, history and needs. Design is personal, and without knowing who our client is we are unable to execute authentic interiors. No two clients—or their stories—are the same.

Are there any recurring themes, motifs or philosophies that anchor your work?

My desire is that no two projects look the same, but perhaps the philosophy we hold onto most is the beauty of restraint. I think we can all say more with less. At the end of our lives, more is not more.

Some readers might also know you from your Friday Feels series on Instagram. How did that start?

Oh, Friday Feels! I guess it has been five years since I started writing Friday Feels, and it began as I found myself never engaging with imagery for the sake of enjoyment but rather to fill a need to find a specific image to convey an idea to a client. The creative process had become not creative, but formulaic. Then I began setting aside intentional time to look through imagery, listen to music or read just for the sake of enjoyment, not to fill a means to an end, and Friday Feels became the anthology to hold those things together.

What brought the mirror line with Holland MacRae to fruition?

In the purest sense, this line was born from a friendship with Mary [Holland]. The line is rooted in history, reminiscent of the way paintings were hung in salons in Europe throughout the 17th century, so each mirror hangs by chain and rod as they did in the salons. Additionally, with a shared fondness and lineage in England, Mary and I wanted to celebrate the art of craftsmanship that is woven into the fabric of England’s heritage with every mirror being carved by hand in England.

How does your mirror line embody your style?

The line embodies the values that we carry through each project, which are the sacredness of history, the value of craftsmanship and the desire to have something bespoke and authentic. What’s next? I’m trying to focus on being fully present and not thinking about what is next. I will be a better listener and designer if I can be more present.


STORY: Claire Ruhlin

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