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A Taste of Home

A Taste of Home

A peek at Buckhead’s made-to-order Persian pastry business, Knead to Savor.

photo: Sara Hanna

Inspired by memories of baking with her mother, Niki Gavahi opened Knead to Savor last spring. Here, she gives us a glimpse of what to expect from her made-to-order Persian pastries, which also offers catering services for special events.

What inspired you to open Knead to Savor?

My passion for baking started at a very young age while playing sous chef alongside my mom. We shared a great bond and created some of the sweetest memories together in the kitchen. My mom has a special gift and an innate knack for reinventing dishes with her own twist. I knew it was time to take a leap of faith and start my own company, sharing my mom’s recipes with food lovers everywhere.

Knead to Savor is made-to-order. What does that mean for customers and the quality of food?

All pastries are made fresh from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. Every order placed is made at that time and delivered the next day, so our customers can savor the freshness in every bite.

What makes Knead to Savor unique?

We offer traditional Persian pastries that you wouldn’t normally find in a restaurant or bakery, like Persian rosettes, baklava cupcakes, gooshe-fil (fried and glazed puffy dough) and gluten-free Persian walnut cookies. I want people to get a real taste of the delicious sweets and breads we have that are infused with fragrant ingredients such as cardamom and rosewater.

What’s something people should know about Persian pastries?

I think that Persian pastries and breads are completely underrated in comparison to other parts of the world, such as France or India. My vision is to introduce exotic ingredients, spices and rich flavors in hopes of familiarizing people with the traditions of my culture. Persian pastries and breads have an elegant yet simplistic depth of flavor that I believe is what makes them so exquisitely beautiful and palate-stirring.

Knead to Savor

BY: Claire Ruhlin

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