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Nothing gets us through the dark, cold winter like a warm, crackling fire.

BY: Giannina S. Bedford

The key is starting one without a fuss and keeping it going long enough to relax and enjoy it. Leroy Hite and his company, Cutting Edge Firewood, which he founded in 2013, supplies and delivers high-quality firewood that ensures an idyllic fireside experience— minus the smoky, smelly mess. Each piece of Cutting Edge’s wood is conditioned for 48 hours to produce display-worthy logs that are said to be easier to light (with just a single match!); burn hotter and longer; create less smoke; and are pest, mold and fungus free. Cutting Edge delivers across Atlanta, including Buckhead, and all the way up to mountain destinations such as Highlands, North Carolina. Along with its white-glove delivery service, the company also offers a fire butler service and fire pit rentals. Here, Hite shares the secrets to creating and maintaining the perfect one-match fire.

Step 1: Dry firewood is the key, so have some handy.

Light a fire starter, such as Cutting Edge’s Excelsior Fire Starter, and let it burn for a few seconds. Note: Don’t pour lighter fluid on it because it adds unwanted chemicals to the fire, and there’s a greater chance of accidents.

Step 2: Put a piece of heart pine on the lit fire starter and two to four pieces of kindling on top of that—you’re going from small to big.

Step 3: Place logs on top.

It’s best to use the logcabin- style stacking method with some smaller logs in the middle so you have the firewood directly above the heat source. You also want to put the biggest log towards the front so when the wood starts breaking down, it collapses toward the back.

TIP: Never put wet firewood on your fire. It creates dangerous creosote in the chimney, makes the fire smaller and less hot, and creates musty smoke that sticks to you.

Cutting Edge Firewood

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