Annie Griffin and Chrissie Henritze are surrounded by Block Betty Collection pillows.

Two friends launch Block Betty Collection in Buckhead!

Annie Griffin and Chrissie Henritze are surrounded by Block Betty Collection pillows.
Annie Griffin and Chrissie Henritze are surrounded by Block Betty Collection pillows. photo: Kathryn McCrary

Buckhead-based friends Annie Griffin and Chrissie Henritze have been in the same social circle for years but never considered going into business together until they had the idea to start a block-printed textile brand. Henritze, who has a landscape architecture and residential design background, and Griffin, who comes from the fashion industry, sat around a few years ago, chatting about how much the world had changed. “We talked about how the pandemic brought people back into their homes, and there was more entertaining at home. We thought it would be a good time to launch a business,” Henritze says. Block Betty Collection, a line of block-printed home accessories, was founded in 2022. Here, the friends share more about their enterprise.

How has your past work experience helped you with the Block Betty Collection?

AG: The clothing business I had with my sister years ago helped shape my understanding of entrepreneurship. We’re applying those lessons here by keeping things simple and embracing organic growth. By selling directly to our customers, we get to know them better and understand their needs more. The home linens industry moves at a slower pace than fashion; we are focusing on designing only one to two collections a year. It aligns with our lifestyles as busy moms.

How did you decide to focus on block prints?

CH: Annie and I have always talked about how much we love block printing, an ancient technique using carved blocks. In India, they paint the blocks and stamp them down. It’s been cool to work with this process but to modernize it. We work with a vendor who has had some of these blocks for years. They create unique colors through vegetable dye.

AG: We pick the prints, the colors and the borders. It’s been a lot of Zoom meetings and a learning process for us. We’re excited about having found a manufacturer whose mission and values align with ours.

How are you getting the word out about the brand?

CH: We’re doing pop-ups around town and selling it on our website. Our pop-ups have been in residential homes, at Gramercy and Lucy’s Market. We’ve even had one at Veronica Beard in the Buckhead Village District. We plan on getting into retail stores soon. We want to take the process slow to make sure we do it by our standards.

How do you envision people using these pieces?

AG: We love the idea of an inviting and comfortable home, and our products [tablecloths, napkins, bedding] are more casual comfort. You can dress them up if you want to. The bedding is great in kids’ rooms or dorm rooms, or you can even use them as throw blankets on the end of a bed. We like that it’s stylish and elevated.

CH: Our tabletop linens are comfortable, welcoming and elevated. Fellowship and community are important to us, so we want to make it easy to bring people together. We’ve mixed it with elegant china in a formal dining room and used it in an outdoor picnic with paper plates. We love that they also make wonderful hostess gifts. We’re working on a new tabletop collection that will debut soon.


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