Learn about non-surgical options for face and neck.

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Maggie Schreck, certified physician assistant and injectables specialist at Truffles Aesthetics in Buckhead. photo: Vanessa Corral Photography
Maggie Schreck, certified physician assistant and injectables specialist at Truffles Aesthetics in Buckhead. photo: Vanessa Corral Photography

Cosmetic injectables aren’t for everyone. If you prefer aging au naturel, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for some, a little (or big) modification here and there to help brighten eyes, restore lips to their former glory or soften frown lines is a welcome addition to a beauty routine. Maggie Schreck, certified physician assistant and injectables specialist at Truffles Aesthetics in Buckhead, walks us through different ways the neck and face can be treated non-surgically and provides tips and considerations.

Specialist Consistency

Getting injectables is not like getting your nails done. “If you go to a different person every time, you’ll have inconsistent results,” Schreck says. To that end, do your research and find an experienced and well reviewed cosmetic injector. Random Botox party? Pass. After all, this is your face we’re talking about.

Forehead Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

In this day and age, most everyone is familiar with the name Botox. The neurotoxin and others like it, such as Dysport, are used to smooth forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes. On the forehead, it can treat both the horizontal lines above the eyebrows and the vertical lines between the brows. “We typically treat these two areas together, as one is responsible for lifting the brow and the other for lowering the brow. This can help avoid feeling ‘heavy’ in the eyebrow,” Schreck says.

Droopy Eyelids and Eye Hollows

If the issue you’d like to address is “hooding” on the upper eyelids, Schreck says neurotoxins can provide a very subtle lift. She recommends seeing an oculoplastic surgeon for a significant amount of hooding. However, a sunken look around the bottom of the eyes can be treated with a hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane Eyelight that creates volume. “Product selection is critical in having a good outcome. An inappropriate dermal filler under the eyes could attract water and look puffy.”

The Neck

The vertical muscles called the platysma bands in the neck pull down on the lower part of the face. Over time, this constant pulling can create that crepey, loose look under the chin, jowls on the jawline and horizontal folds across the neck. “We can use a neurotoxin to tighten up turkey neck or jowling and a biostimulator like Hyperdilute Radiesse to boost collagen and elastin to soften the necklace lines,” Schreck says. The biostimulator results build over time and take two to four treatments for good results. For those who want to get rid of a mild to moderate double chin and prefer not to undergo liposuction, Schreck recommends Kybella, which requires multiple treatments for results, but is very effective. “It causes the fat cells to burst, and then the body removes them.”

Lip Lines and Volume

“There are so many different options for lips. We’ll pick it based on how long you want the product to last and if you want more definition, to smooth wrinkles or add major volume,” Schreck says. Both neurotoxins and filler can be used to treat vertical—aka smoker—lines. The neurotoxin reduces how intensely you can pucker the lip, and a filler, such as Juvéderm or Restylane Kysse, softens lines and adds volume. Lip fillers typically last anywhere from six to 12 months.


~ Biostimulators stimulate the body to produce its own collagen and elastin, softening lines and tightening skin. Brands include Sculptra and Radiesse.

~ Dermal fillers are gels that give volume. Brands include Restylane and Juvéderm.

~ Neurotoxins freeze the muscles and can smooth out wrinkles and provide lift in certain areas. Brands include Botox and Dysport.


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