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Our food writers, past and present, share their favorite local plates!

Chicken barg is a hearty dish full of Persian flavor at Rumi’s Kitchen. photo: Sara Hanna


The No. 14 Combo at Jalisco Restaurant

“My regular order at this classic Tex-Mex spot in Peachtree Battle. It comes with a hard-shell taco (get the beef!), a chalupa and a chile relleno. Once I polish off the taco, I douse the plate with house salsa and scoop up the chalupa with chips.”

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Fragrant pho bo at Le Colonial will have you dreaming of a trip to Vietnam. photo: Joann Vitelli


Pho bo (Hanoi beef noodle soup) at Le Colonial

“The enormous bowl of steamy, long-cooked broth, rice noodles and traditional aromatics (think star anise and cardamom) is the epitome of old-world, ‘slow food’ cooking—a rare find these days—and is on par with anything you’d find on the streets of Hanoi.”

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Chicken barg with Shirin polo at Rumi’s Kitchen Sandy Springs

“Juicy meat is laced with exotic flavors thanks to a saffron marinade and paired with what must be the world’s fluffiest rice with a joyful combination of orange zest, red barberry, pistachio, almond and rosewater. Sweet yet savory, packed with interesting textures and almost too good-looking to believe, it’s simply great.”

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Polenta Cremosa at The Americano

“It is such an elevated take on humble ingredients. Scott Conant magically turns ground bits of corn into velvety rich polenta topped with a fricassee of mushrooms in an earthy gravy. It’s as if you can taste time in a spoonful: the careful stirring over low temperature, the deglazing of the pan, the subtle addition of truffle. Luxury often comes by way of the simplest ingredients. If someone had trouble understanding the word ‘umami,’ I would share this dish.”

ALSO RECOMMENDED: Akimono Ponzu at Nakato

Aziza’s hearty Hummus No. 1 comes topped with braised duck. photo: Sara Hanna
Aziza’s hearty Hummus No. 1 comes topped with braised duck. photo: Sara Hanna


Hummus No. 1 at Aziza

“Ordering a bunch of dishes to share is one of the best ways to experience dinner with friends since you get to sample so many more flavors. You can’t do better for something shareable and delicious than the simply titled Hummus No. 1. The impossibly silky chickpea mixture forms a nest for fall-apart-tender braised duck, pomegranate seeds, nutty tahini and pecans. Scoop your perfect bite with still-steaming laffa bread.”

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