Chef Santiago Gomez brings Mexican street food to the Westside with El Santo Gallo.

Tacos from El Santo Gallo feature
handmade tortillas.
Chef Santiago Gomez

While acclaimed Chef Santiago Gomez’s first Atlanta restaurant, Palo Santo, is an upscale take on Mexican cuisine, his new venture, El Santo Gallo, embraces the laid-back simplicity of traditional- style cuisine. Here’s what to expect, according to Gomez.

What prompted you to go with a simple, more traditional menu?

We want to transport people to a traditional Mexican taqueria—with our own personality. Being Mexican, it can be difficult to find authentic tacos made with fresh masa and from-scratch salsas. That’s what we are doing at El Santo Gallo.

What kind of authentic experience can we expect?

El Santo Gallo is inspired by Mexico City taquerias. We make our tortillas to order, and the taquero [traditional taco maker] cuts the meat directly from our trompo (a vertical rotating spit). We add cilantro and onions, a good amount of sauce (“con todo”) and finish with lime to create the perfect bite. We’ll offer tacos al pastor, carne asada and pollo, plus a vegetarian option—hongos (mushrooms)— or, if you like seafood, a fish taco. You can also start with a guacamole and finish with arroz con leche (rice pudding). We have a full bar with beers, cocktails and natural wines.

What made you decide to open the restaurant inside the Westside Paper complex?

We believe in the Westside! And what’s better than being across the street from Palo Santo? We want to be a late-night spot where people can be after midnight. We believe Westside Paper will bring great options to the Westside.

BY Claire Ruhlin

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