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Jason Feldman

Sandy Springs resident Jason Feldman turned his passion into a paycheck

Jason Feldman

A touch of serendipity and friendly chatter got Jason Feldman his dream job. After working in public relations in New York, Feldman returned to his hometown of Sandy Springs, fantasizing about helping people create beautiful spaces. His mother mentioned it to a stranger she was speaking with at a nail salon. That stranger was Kai Williamson, partner at Studio 7 Design Group, a full-service interior design firm. Williamson would go on to teach Feldman the trade.

“Working with Kai was definitely one of the coolest experiences,” Feldman says. “We got to renovate [rapper] T.I.’s master suite and the Sandy Springs home of one of the Lakers!”

Last year, Feldman decided to go out on his own and formed JMF Inc. Consulting. He combines his knowledge of communications and a passion for design to create modern urban spaces with a Southern influence. His current claim to fame is co-designing the Brash Coffee space in Buckhead’s Atlanta History Center. We spoke to him to learn more.

What’s your design style?

It’s about being streamlined and useful in aesthetic. When creating a space for clients, it should always be usable more than anything else. A lot of people get sidetracked by beautiful things and don’t always think about how functional it will be. You have to educate your clients on what they should or shouldn’t be considering for their homes, so they actually enjoy living in their spaces after the shiny newness of the room fades.

How does that play out in real life?

In one instance, I was working with a client who loves velvet and wanted a velvet couch for the living room. Knowing they have children, I recommended a more robust, durable fabric that’s easier to clean. That way, they don’t have to cover their furniture with plastic like people did in the ’50s. I added custom velvet throw pillows to provide the same visual aesthetic, but that made more sense for their overall needs.

How did you get involved with Brash Coffee?

When I moved to Atlanta, I visited the Westside location—it’s a shipping container. I fell in love with the design and the coffee, and asked the barista for the owner’s number. For three months, I called incessantly until he called me back. I started working on Brash’s media relations and communications. That turned into me assisting the owner with the design and development of the second location. We carried over elements that make the original space so special: steel, light wood and shades of blue. Buckhead is a different community, so I went to different antique stores and refurbishment shops to source pieces that would enhance that space. The light fixtures are old factory lights from France. The sitting area has iron- and wood-topped tables from Paris on Ponce. We also incorporated elements from the History Center, such as books about Southern style and the Civil Rights Movement.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I’ve been very lucky to have been able to travel to far off and exotic places. I’m in Israel once a year. I lived there and in London for a bit. I’ve traveled around China, Italy and Mexico City. It exposed me to a host of different aesthetics, color palettes and materials.

What are some of your favorite travel-inspired looks?

I was in Tel Aviv for a wedding and came across Bauhaus. I love the clean, crisp, white lines—it was such a European- looking style in a Middle Eastern country. When I was in Positano, Italy, I had a surreal experience surrounded by the bright blues, ocean vibes and an old Italian seaside feel of the beach clubs.

Where do you like to shop for your clients?

My all-time favorite showroom is Up Country Home at ADAC. I go to Moattar for rugs. I love Sheyda Mehrara’s color pop paintings. Half of my apartment is filled with items sourced for clients that I ended up buying for myself.

What do you do for fun?

I’m a huge theater and music person. I’m on the advisory board for the Alliance Theatre. My mom has been the casting director for like 25 years; it’s like my second home. I’m on the board for the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. I also run three times a week, often in the Blue Heron Nature Preserve near Chastain Park. It’s gorgeous there; it transports you to a different world.


Photos by Sommer Daniel

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