SIMPLY A&E | ART VIEW: Artist Hutton Snellings

Hutton Snellings and Painting

Homegrown talent

Buckhead native stays true to her art

By H.M. Cauley

From a young age, Hutton Snellings sensed there was more paint than blood in her veins. The Buckhead native doesn’t recall a time when she didn’t ache to have a brush in her hand and a paper to draw on. At 25, she’s still focusing on the one thing she loves best.



Mood indigo

Dyeing gives Buckhead artist new life

STORY: H.M. Cauley

From about the time she was 8 years old, Lynn Pollard has been working with her hands. Growing up near Augusta, she learned sewing at her mother’s side and made macramé presents—handcrafts that led her into the world of weaving. “I was drawn to the colors and the creativity, the ability to make something from nothing,” says the 60-year-old […]

SIMPLY A&E | LITERARY: Buckhead Library

BHLMore than just a good place to read

By H.M. Cauley | Photo: Timothy Hurlsey

One of Buckhead’s leading literary icons has never penned a novel, yet it’s had more impact than a bestseller. The local branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library on Buckhead Avenue has been a destination since it opened its doors in 1942. Originally named for Ida Williams, a school teacher who founded the area’s first library, the structure was […]